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The Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search Tool

Mimo Usenet newsreader has been programmed in Java so it should work on Windows, Mac and Linux. At present, Linux does not seem to be supported and we have had some difficulties trying to make it work with WINE. It’s surprising that the company chose to go to Java, though it has faster downloads and browsing, but the engineers at Giganews and Golden Frog are a good group and I have no doubt they will be able to remedy those little faults.

Other interesting features of Mimo include: Integrated Image, viewing thumbnails, text, binary filter, image types, automatic decompression RAR and PAR technology. Mimo Usenet newsreader appears to be partnered with the Golden Frog search tool which at first glance appears more interesting than the newsreader itself.

Golden Frog Usenet Search

The Golden Frog Usenet search appears to have servers optimized for speed and is able to perform accurate searches of binaries among all groups. In addition to rapid binary searches across multiple newsgroups, Usenet Search Golden Frog can execute binary search based on a particular theme instead of a simple title search. What this all means remains to be seen and we look forward to their technology preview, but given the excellence of the technical team of Giganews, we have little doubt that Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet search will be an excellent equivalent product.

Mimo Features:

● Downloads, navigation and search-optimized for speed

● Optimized search for news servers with long retention

● Viewing of the integrated thumbnail images

● Filtering of images, text and binary.

● Automatic decompression technology RAR and PAR

● Integrated Giganews Accelerator Technology

● Integrated Golden Frog Usenet Search

Golden Frog Usenet Search Features:

● Servers optimized for speed

● Binary search through all groups

● Binary search based on a theme

Mimo Usenet Browser is new, very powerful, and easy to use. Golden Frog began in partnership with Giganews in order to create a quick and easy Usenet experience. Although this is still in development, research has come a long way and we expect it to advance even further in the near future. Currently, Mimo is only available to subscribers of Diamond Giganews. They put their new technologies and innovations available to their best members first.

Revolutionizing NZB Files Downloading through Unzbin

Future Technology Display

If you like Usenet but you find that it is too complicated to use, or that you want to put your money into a good newsreader- especially if you like the client uTorrent and want to find something similar to Usenet, you are in luck with Unzbin! Unzbin is a program that promises to revolutionize the Usenet downloading world. It focuses on one thing and one thing only, and consequently does it very well – the download and processing of NZB files, and the best part is that it is completely free. Even if you have already purchased another client, you will enjoy Unzbin and should give it a try. Unzbin is light years ahead of Grabitalt.binz and all the other competitors, in my opinion.

Unzbin is very similar to the client uTorrent, but it is a masterpiece of programming work. The guys over at Unzbin headquarters really did a good job. The Unzbin client is very light, easy to use and is always undergoing continuous improvement. I’ve been running it for only a few days and there is already an update available.


For such an amazing program, you were probably expecting a large price tag, right? Well the best part of Unzbin is that it is free. You have nothing to lose by trying it. Even if you already have a preference for newsbin and NewsLeecher, you may well end up adopting Unzbin instead.

Usenet Search

Unzbin does not offer Usenet search function. As mentioned, it focuses on one thing but done very well.

NZB Compatibility

Unzbin is 100% compatible with the NZB format. The client is written specifically for extracting and downloading NZB files.

Platform Information

Newsbin only works on Windows and is based on the Dot Net platform. I have not heard any rumors concerning a mac or linux versions as of yet. If you need help installing the program, or are interested in switching over to Windows, I know a Soho IT support company that will be able to help you if you’re in that area.


Run Unzbin download. It is on the same level of quality as NewsbinNewsleecher in terms of the possibility of downloading and extracting files.

Key Features

  • Automatic decompression of RAR files, etc … – Several other news clients do this, but this is a great feature.
  • RSS integration – It’s very well done and Unzbin differentiates its process from its competitors. Configured, RSS integration makes finding content easy!
  • Perfect for novices
  • Similar small icons to Utorrent.
  • Heap DisQ Technology
  • Ability to search integrated updates!
  • Active community of volunteers available to help with any issues
  • Multiple downloads
  • Automatic message decoding
  • Compatibility with Yenc, UUencode, base64
  • Automatically pauses when necessary
  • Checking, repair and automatic decompression of files
  • RSS / ATOM compatibility with regex filters
  • Full SSL compatibility
  • Powerful planning

A Guide to Using Tax Software


Filing taxes using software scares many people. However, it should not!

Yes, tax situations are highly individualised and there are a myriad of rules and regulations that must be followed, as well as countless exceptions and loopholes to those rules. Nevertheless, tax software has been designed around these rules, and it has a much better memory than even the most experienced of tax preparation professionals. In addition, an online solution can be awfully economical and even more reliable than doing business with a “professional” that improvises specialist tax experience only two months per year! Rest assured, when using tax preparation software, you WILL be able to get through the whole process without having to call a disaster recovery company in London.

What software to choose?

The tax software on offer does not change much from one year to another – we find the same names and there is no one who is significantly better than another, it is only the interfaces that change. For this reason and others, there are not very many new companies trying to break into the tax preparation software business. That makes it easier to pick a good one, actually. With fewer choices, all of more or less the same quality, the average consumer can’t really go wrong, no matter which one they end up picking. Some of the most prominent tax preparation programs include QuickTax, UFile Tax Professional and H&R Block. Software as such are equivalent, and there are few substantial differences between them. other than the fact the H&R Block’s software often recommends that the user go to a physical H&R Block location to seek assistance with their tax preparation, which kind of defeats the point of using tax preparation software on their own home computer, doesn’t it? If one can ignore those instances, the software is actually just as fully functional as the rest and can easily be used as a stand-alone tax solution. However, it may be a better experience for the first-time tax preparation software user to opt for a software that allows people to make their own report without fear of missing an important element, not those that apply pressure to use their paid services. The fear of doing something wrong is already quite high in those using these services for the first time, and introducing the idea that something might “go wrong” if relying solely on the tax preparation software does not help, and it does not speak well about your business either. Why produce a tax preparation software that was so faulty? Users do not have to deal with that kind of pressure with QuickTax or UFile Tax Professional. Their prices are similar and they differ primarily in how they request the necessary information to be filled in. In the end, it’s a matter of taste!


There is also free software called StudioTax that is rapidly gaining popularity in Canada since it is possible to produce a Quebec provincial return. The tool is from Ontario, but it is translated into French and contains the forms for Quebecois. At the end of the day, if it all sounds like too much work, one can always hire professionals, like these accountants in Brighton, to save the day.

QuickTax, UFile, Tax Professional, or H & R Block?

So, which software should you choose? As I’ve said, you will likely have success with any and all of them. Still, there are a few matters to point out that are largely dependent upon personal preference:


– With QuickTax and UFile, you can easily import information from previous years if using one of these programs while with Tax Professional, everything must be complete by hand, over and over again each year.

– We find different versions of this software. It provides among other things the possibility of more than one report with the same software. Observe what each company offers, compare the offers and make a choice for your needs!

– All software operate under the same principle: an “interview” initially happens to input the answers to questions designed to identify the maximum credits and deductions to which you are entitled. Then we go to the forms section.

– TurboTax is generally more expensive than the other two, but it enjoys a higher reputation in most areas.

– QuickTax has offered a special promotion since 2013 that makes it so that all users are entitled to a full review of their statement before submitting. Some may find this comforting.